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Momentive Performance Materials Inc.


Investor Relations



IR Microphone Webcast
  Momentive Performance Materials Inc. 1Q'12 Earnings Conference Call
  Monday May 07, 2012, 10:00am EDT
  Momentive Performance Materials Inc. 1Q'12 Earnings Call Deck  
  MPM Q1 2012 Earnings Call Transcript





Momentive Performance Materials was created from the sale of GE Advanced Materials to Apollo Management, L.P. in December 2006. On October 1, 2010, Momentive Performance Materials Holdings Inc., our parent company, and Momentive Specialty Chemicals Holdings LLC (formerly known as Hexion LLC), the parent company of Hexion Inc. (formerly known as Hexion Specialty Chemicals, Inc.), became subsidiaries of a new holding company, Hexion Holdings LLC. We are one of the world's largest producers of silicones and silicone derivatives and a global leader in the development and manufacture of products derived from quartz and specialty ceramics. Silicones are a multi-functional family of materials used in thousands of products and serve as a critical ingredient in many construction, transportation, healthcare, personal care, electronic, consumer and agricultural uses. Silicones are generally used as an additive to a wide variety of end products in order to provide or enhance certain of their attributes, such as resistance (heat, ultraviolet light and chemical), lubrication, adhesion or viscosity. Some of the most well-known end-use product applications include bath and shower caulk, pressure sensitive adhesive labels, foam products, cosmetics and tires. Our Quartz division manufactures quartz, specialty ceramics and crystal products for use in a number of high-technology industries, which typically require products made to precise specifications.



These materials solutions are used as springboards for innovation in hundreds of consumer and industrial applications ranging from car engines to biomedical devices to integrated circuits. Industries served include aerospace, agriculture, appliances, automotive, construction, electronics, furniture and furnishings, healthcare, home care, industrial, lighting, packaging, personal care, plastics, semiconductor, telecommunications, tire, transportation, and water purification.


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