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  • HexiCrete™ Concrete Additives

    Roller Compacted Concrete Additives


    HexiCrete™ roller compacted concrete (RCC) 550 is a proprietary admixture that improves surface finish, workability and strength, while reducing variability, in RCC mix designs.


    The key to HexiCrete RCC 550's value is its unique lubricity, which allows for a higher density mix with less cement without adversely affecting strength.


    This delivers benefits from the mix plant to the job site. HexiCrete RCC 550 reduces the ready-mix producer's operating expenses by cutting cement per batch costs and the amperage required to mix aggregate and water. Contractors benefit because HexiCrete RCC 550 mixes produce enhanced surface finishes and deliver compaction with fewer roller passes.


    To find out more about HexiCrete roller compacted concrete additives, see the RCC 550 Roller Compacted Concrete Additive product sheet.