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A Legacy of Innovation

Adhesive Polymers Spotlight ImageMomentive excels at providing customized acrylic adhesive and polymer solutions to its customers. Product development expertise and applications know-how means a product that will meet all your needs.

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Custom Performance for Custom Needs

Acrylic latex adhesives and polymers provide a unique balance of properties, enabling a level of performance not found in other chemistries.  Momentive develops, manufactures and markets a wide array of acrylic-based polymers and coater-ready pressure sensitive adhesives to meet the demanding requirements of adhesive producers and users. As a water-based chemistry, acrylic latexes offer environmental advantages too. 


Drawing on over 40 years of acrylic latex experience, Momentive can offer you the solution you need fast.  From pressure-sensitive and packaging, to caulks and sealants, flooring, and other adhesives applications, Momentive has the answer.


New Product!

Momentive Specialty Chemicals Inc. Introduces New LSE, Pressure Sensitive Adhesive with Excellent Water Resistance